Creating an effective informational structure for fast and secured data exchange is the priority for any commercial company, industrial enterprise or serious web project. Today one of the most popular software solutions for such needs is Windows Server 2012, the latest-generation operating system for servers of various profiles. Flexibility, simplicity in deploying and administering are the major advantages of this product from Microsoft Corporation.

Windows Server 2012 operating system – variants of use

The current platform can boast of flexible functionality for solving problems of various scale, from corporative for user ones. Windows Server allows setting up a server for efficient execution of various functions in the shortest possible time. It will provide:

- Secured storage for corporative data, including confidential information, accounting and judicial documentation.

- Stable work of network applications and directory services.

- Creating and support of web resource functionality of any complexity, including servers for online games, global services that are too demanding of compute capacity.

- Using a terminal server for remote access to files and applications, applying the latest achievements in the area of virtualization and wireless technologies.

- Arranging mail services and other corporative communication means.

- Creating servers for working with streaming media.

- Ability of working for a few virtual clusters on one virtual server, hosting and renting services.

This is only a short list of tasks easily solved by Windows Server operating system. You can rely on this platform both in local informational issues and on more global level, when customers’ requirements to security and stability become a few times higher. Microsoft Company took care about making the current Windows Server version maximally safe and quick. It is provided by the integrated applications server function and security system. This is extremely important when it comes to the tendency of informational structures enlargement: disconnected local networks are combined into extranets via internet, within active usage of intermediate websites and wireless access means. When creating such complex network structures an important advantage is using general language environment for running all software modules and services in Windows Server server platform. This lowers the failure risk of server equipment in case of logic errors, where Window Server is installed.

The advantages of Windows Server 2012 in creating corporate file servers

Modern realias set new tasks for the developers of system software. Today the customer wants to get simple and efficient means for implementing a function of round-the-clock access to corporate data, resources, applications, from any device and in any place on the planet. The latest version of Windows Server 2012 server platform satisfies such requests. It provides a client with a handy tool for administering, setting up security by managing the user permissions. Configuration is possible both in separate directories, applications and web services and in global meaning – on the cloud environment and data processing center level.

Windows Server 2012 operating server provide maximally flexible capabilities for implementing remote access function for commercial organization or office. Also it is an efficient resource for creating a private virtual structure with a lot of replaceable autonomous clasters.

The latest version of Windows Server platform from Microsoft Company has a range of advantages including:

- Workplace Join function is an innovational registration mechanism of operating device with ability to use the single sign on technology. A user receives the security certificate connected in Active Directory catalogue to a specific device. A two-factor identification system simplifies the remote access to corporate data and resources but it creates a reliable unauthorized access protection.

- Web Application Proxy technology allows system administrator selective publishing applications and providing users access to corporate resources according to the results of multi-factor check. A specialized reverse HTTP-proxy analyzes not only user personal data and data about device, it also requests a range of other details, such as ip-address.

- Windows Server 2012 supports the function of automatic VPN-connection to a server. When using maintenance applications and web services that require access to corporate resources, the operating system initiates the connection by itself, not distracting a user from doing his job.

- Work Folders is a system that allows company employees synchronizing the use of files on the desktop with the corporate file server resources, when arranging remote access.

- An up-to-date version of DirectAccess that is a part of Microsoft Access in Windows Server 2012. It provides ability to use a single account to get access to data that is located locally or in the cloud environment of the corporate server system.

Also it is worth mentioning that the current platform is actively used in the sphere of virtualization. The latest version of Windows Server 2012 can boast of improved Active Directory service that optimizes numerous processes of administration and scaling of virtual machines. Quick deployment is provided by the domain controller cloning technology that changed the method of creating instant snapshots. And the improved administration center, Windows PowerShell, helps to manage all functions effectively.