If the resource doesn’t bring profits and requires expenses for its maintenance, you can try to minimize the expenses. Many owners of such projects prefer buying a cheap domain. Such service implies the registration of individual alphabetic address in specific zones with low rates for registration and prolongation.

It doesn’t affect the technical aspects of site maintenance. The only sacrifice in cheap domain registration is visual attractiveness of an address and assumed prestige value of the name of the first level.

Absolutely, the companies and commercial projects that are oriented at performing successful marketing activity in the internet and cover wide target consumer group, the cheapest domains is not the most suitable variant. They do their best to make the web resource address maximally recognizable, looking stylish on various ads. One more important aspect is the ability of search systems to classify the domain by the target region or specific type of activity.

However, buying a cheap domain is more than reasonable for the “start-ups” popular today. Minimal period of owning a unique alphabetic address is one year. Then it requires prolongation. This period is perfectly enough for defining the project profitability, choosing a development vector, or to stop its maintenance without any additional expenses. Cheap domain registration is a perfect solution for beginners in online business who want to test themselves in e-commerce sphere, not risking and spending much.

Also cheap registration makes sense for people who constantly launch many projects hoping that some of them will become successful and cover the expenses on the rest.

Where to buy cheap domains, and what address categories are the cheapest

There are three ways to lower the price of domain address significantly.

Analyze offers of different registrars for detecting some specials. Very often a registrar decides to lower the price for domain registration and attract new clients when noticing the slump in demand in some specific zone. The advantage: you can get a domain name at lower price for the entire year. The disadvantage: to prolong the domain use for one more year, you will have to pay the full price that sometimes is much higher than the nominal price.

Look for cheap regional zones, choose among third-level domains. Very often unpopular zones cost very cheap or are available for free. A serious disadvantage^ often the terms and conditions for the zone use do not give a domain owner any rights, and the registrar can stop the maintenance or change the rates at any moment. The cheapest domain registration is not always the advantage, and often it is a risk to lose the entire project at once.

And the last one – you can become a distributor (reseller) of a big domain registrar. In this case you can win on the difference between the initial and final domain price and save some money for your own projects. But this method requires serious investments and usually works for big players of the online market.