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France, Strasbourg
VPS #2
CPU 1 Core RAM 1 GB Disk 30 GB Network 100 Mbps Bandwidth 5 TB/month
8.00 $/month
VPS #3
CPU 2 Core RAM 2 GB Disk 60 GB Network 100 Mbps Bandwidth 10 TB/month
16.00 $/month
VPS #4
CPU 4 Core RAM 4 GB Disk 90 GB Network 100 Mbps Bandwidth unlimited
27.00 $/month
VPS #5
CPU 4 Core RAM 8 GB Disk 120 GB Network 100 Mbps Bandwidth unlimited
48.00 $/month
¹ Promo is valid during the month. Further prolong $4 USD.

Renting computing powers for providing web resources functioning is a common practice nowadays. In some cases it is reasonable to use hardware, but for the majority of websites and internet projects it would be better to rent virtual dedicated servers, VPS and VDS.

This is a compromise and profitable variant that combines comfort and flexibility of administering the operation of a full-fledged dedicated server and affordable price of a virtual hosting. The owner of WPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) gets prominent computing powers within the bounds of the remote server resources. Such hosting provides the client with absolutely autonomous virtual environment, and this is much more beneficial than buying and installation of your own hardware, or paying for the dedicated hardware to a hosting provider.

Hosting on a virtual server opens full capabilities to administer their own space for storing and publishing data, and provides fixed amount of RAM and processor resources from the general resources of specific machine.

VPS, VDS hosting is similar to the hosting on standard dedicated servers almost by all performance specifications. The power characteristics are slightly weaker compared to physical devices, but the price of such service is much more affordable. The autonomous virtual platform is a perfect choice for the owners of actively visited websites who would like to manage resources solely by themselves and lower expense on hosting.

Technical features of virtual hosting on VPS servers

The companies providing virtual hosting services by VPS technology divide the system resources of their physical servers to a few sectors and rent them out. Each sector of such kind imitates the dedicated server, working separately from the rest, while its management is fully under the client’s control. The client is given with admin access for Windows platform and root access for UNIX. This allows performing any actions, including OS fine-tuning remotely.

If website owner has decided to buy the resources of a virtual VPS, VDS server, such hosting includes the following features:
- CPU time, RAM and disk memory space according to the subscription plan;
- installation of any kinds of software, setting the configurations and parameters by client’s own discretion;
- administering any files, folders and libraries including the ones in system directories;
- customizing access to data, applications and processes on virtual VPS server or VDS hosting;
- managing the user list, creating new users, setting up the permissions;
- installing domains and subdomains, databases and any other components of web resources – their limit number is specified in subscription terms.

WVPS hosting prices

As for the cost of virtual dedicated systems rent the rates depend on the range of quantitative and qualitative parameters. The owner of the hardware that hosts the vps server sets limitations for the random access memory (RAM) processor speed (CPU) available for each client. These limitations are represented as minimally guaranteed parameters of system performance. Also the hosting price depends on the memory space available on physical drives, number of provided IP addresses.

Modern virtual servers are equipped with specialized OS, web server, applications for database management and support for all popular web programming languages.