Modern business has extended its limits significantly by stepping into the virtual world. Hosting services, renting of a dedicated server, a corporate network - all this and many other terms have become ingrained for almost all companies and enterprises. At that small local networks gradually recede into the past, being replaced by complex corporate infrastructure, virtual and dedicated servers. It is very comfortable to use such a system, and what is more, it provides more capabilities for solving all required tasks.

Why do we need hosting services, their advantages

Without a reliable and professional hosting a quick and successful development of a profitable business using Internet will be complicated. Any serious company requires its own website for advertising its products, placing product prices, providing contacts for communication with customers and other information of such kind.

It’s impossible to go without stably working and reliably secured hosting – renting of a server is much more reasonable than buying expensive equipment. You can find a lot of free servers for hosting in the Internet, but the level of their maintenance can hardly satisfy the requirements of a serious businessman.

Their management team doesn’t bear any responsibility in case of some problems, and there is almost no technical support. RealHosters company offers affordable renting of dedicated and virtual (VPS) servers and provides:

- round-the-clock service;
- professional assistance of the first-class specialists;
- guaranteed money return during the first month of cooperation.

Besides this we provide other services required for launching a project in the Internet.

What is required for a high-quality hosting

The quality of hosting is defined by a few important characteristics:

- the speed of connection with the global network;
- the performance efficiency of a dedicated or virtual server;
- the amount of provided space.

Professional hosting-provider must provide customers with round-the-clock, high-quality support and reliable security system, as well as convenient control panel.

Software and server’s operating system

Ordering renting of virtual or dedicated server a customer must choose the proper operating system that will be efficient for his purposes: Microsoft or Linux. The first variant will cost more, but it is able to provide software solutions that are highly useful for corporate networks, such as Microsoft Office 386.

The price of Microsoft products is rather high, but there is an option that helps to save a lot. It is a “SPLA Licensing Program”. It gives ability to pay only for the Microsoft software that is used on the server at specific moment of time. As a result renting of Microsoft licenses on a dedicated or virtual server provides the range of advantages:

- minimum initial expenses;
- wide capabilities for extending the business, a lot of new and handy functionality options;
- comfortable remote work;
- low risk of data loss;
- ability to get the newest software versions at the same price.

The required types of licenses are selected based on the requirements and needs of a customer. Using this service is possible only in renting dedicated or VPS servers. All work for installation and activation of Microsoft software is performed by company experts. It is also very convenient.

The advantages from software renting

Renting Microsoft software allows getting it as a ready-made service together with other services. The major advantage is minimization of the expenses. Its biggest part is payment for the installation, setup, maintenance and software updates, support of equipment workability.

Microsoft Corporation provides all types of licenses for its software including email management systems and efficient means for solving various area problems.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2013 are the most popular operating systems for remote servers. It provides extremely high level of fault tolerance and allows simplifying system management due to a handy user interface. The data processing center can be modified exactly for the needs of a user. Technical improvements appeared in these versions allow such abilities, as well as the new capabilities of a “hybrid” cloud environment.

If there is a need to manage databases on a dedicated server, the optimal solution is purchasing a license for a Microsoft SQL server. It will provide not only comfortable data maintenance, but also a multi-user network access, as well as T-SQL handy query language.

Therefore “SPLA Licensing Program” allows using all products of Microsoft Corporation with maximal effectiveness without need to purchase expensive software. In this context its developers demonstrate their loyalty to users offering to pay only for the services that were used.