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The Netherlands
Domains 1 Disk 2 GB Bandwidth unlimited Email Accounts 1 MySQL DB 1 CMS in 1 click Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB3
0.99 $/month
Domains 5 Disk 5 GB Bandwidth unlimited Email Accounts 5 MySQL DB 5 CMS in 1 click Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB3
3.99 $/month
Domains 10 Disk 10 GB Bandwidth unlimited Email Accounts 10 MySQL DB 10 CMS in 1 click Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB3
5.99 $/month
Domains 25 Disk 15 GB Bandwidth unlimited Email Accounts 25 MySQL DB 25 CMS in 1 click Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB3
7.99 $/month
Domains 50 Disk 25 GB Bandwidth unlimited Email Accounts 50 MySQL DB 50 CMS in 1 click Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB3
9.99 $/month
Domainss unlimited Disk 50 GB Bandwidth unlimited Email Accounts unlimited MySQL DB unlimited CMS in 1 click Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB3
11.99 $/month

Among the technical innovations appeared in the last decades internet has become the major one: it penetrated into all activities, became the major communication tool. A business card without a company website looks unpresentable. But before the first visitors come to a website, its owner needs to decide where to buy a hosting in order not to pay much bigger price for the purchase and maintenance of his own web server.

Hosting: types and prices

In order to buy a beneficial hosting plan, you need to find out what types of this service exist. This will help to understand what exactly you get in each case, calculate the expenses and assess the prospects.

The most expensive types of hosting offer installation of the separate, full-fledged server for a client. This can be client’s own hardware that is just put into a provider’s data center. This is called “collocation” service. Some hosters offer to rent a server with required configuration. Both these variants cost quite a lot and are reasonable in cases that imply big loads or solutions to non-standard, resource-consuming problems. In some extreme situations it is cheaper to launch your own data center than to pay for the services of a third-party provider. Usually such cases include maintenance of a large scale gaming projects, telephony services and mobile communication.

The development of virtualization methods caused a wide popularity of VDS and VPS hosting services. They offer an end user a virtual machine that has specific speedwork parameters and isolated copy of a server operating system. The client gets a low-powered dedicated server with full access to administration functions. Such service is very inexpensive.

Much more often a virtual hosting is enough for ordinary purposes. It implies providing a specific part of computing power of the hardware owned by a hosting provider. In this case a client doesn’t need to perform any technical maintenance work, or even (in most cases) software installation and setup. The virtual hosting price usually depends on the disk memory space, number of domains, databases and mailboxes provided to a client.

Such hosting is also worth buying due to its unpretentiousness. Usually companies providing such services have much higher security from hacking and DDoS-attacks than a separate physical server that people purchase and maintain by themselves. In order to protect the company website from hackers that can have different purposes (from stealing your information to a simple vandalism), it will be much safer and cheaper to buy hosting from a serious, well-reputed provider than to rely on your own security solutions.

How much does the hosting cost?

As in the majority of cases the hosting price can vary significantly depending on a range of additional factors. The service itself includes a few technical parameters that form its price. Sometimes the price depends on the location of the hosting registration provider. As there are no territorial limitations for data allocation, they can be stored in any place of the world. However, some regions are in much higher favor. Therefore the cost of site hosting in this case will be higher. Most often it doesn’t matter much, because in the most of cases you can choose a cheaper region.

The hosting price is calculated by month, rarer – by year. That is why it will not be hard to calculate the expenses, and you will be able to choose the most suitable service package. By paying in advance for a long period you can get a discount or some additional services.

It is not hard to count how much the hosting for a website will cost. The more memory space, domains, databases and email addresses you need, the more expensive your subscription will be. For instance, buying a hosting with one domain name is affordable even for a small, new company, and it will be enough for its purposes. And the level of servicing, the speedwork will be the same as if you have bought the most expensive package