The increased demand for Internet communications has led to the diversity of offers in proper market segment and confusion among consumers. A question that often occurs among them is “what vps-server to chose – high-quality or cheap one”? It’s hard to make a right choice that will satisfy all the needs without wasting money for nothing.

Currently a vps-server is one of the best solutions to host data in the internet, as it combines comfort and capacity of physical dedicated servers with an affordable price, comparable to a cheap virtual hosting service. However, some features lead to spreading misconceptions. They do not give ability to assess all strengths and weaknesses correctly.

Resources allocation principle on VPS-servers

In many countries, including Russia, where informational technologies slightly lag behind the world, there is an opinion that vps-server is just a more expensive variant of virtual hosting. These technologies have common features, but there are very few similarities.

In particular, the difference lies in hardware resources allocation. Virtual hosting doesn’t have clearly set limitations for using the physical server resources that de facto means that hosted websites compete with each other. At the same time even the cheapest vps has strictly limited downpoint. This means that the website will always have all the resources, required for normal functioning. This approach and much wider capabilities for administration and setup are the major advantages of vps-servers.

The most companies offer cheap vps emphasizing the affordable service price. As a rule it means weak performance characteristics, though sometimes a hosting provider increases the offered capabilities to attract new clients. Often cheap vps-server simply means providing a virtual machine with preset parameters, while its maintenance and troubleshooting lies heavy on the renter. In other words the price doesn’t include setup, software installation and other maintenance work. At the same time, the best vps in Russia are fully serviced by provider’s team.

Such approach gives more abilities to choose a perfect solution. If you have a good administrator in the team, you can rent an inexpensive vps-server without technical support, and then the service will cost rather cheap. Otherwise you can order maximal support level in more expensive service package, putting setup and administration upon provider’s responsibility.