One of the priorities for the owners of different online projects is safe and stable user access to information. Choosing the best hosting for websites is one of the most important organizational issues on the stage of launch and development.

There are a lot of offers on the market, and they are different by subscription rates, types of provided technologies and software, resource potential and many other aspects. When choosing a provider, you need to rely on the set of your requirements and available budget. In any hosting services category you will find maximally comfortable and reliable variant that will fit your range of activity.

What is the best and the most reliable hosting?

The range of technical and software solutions in this area of online services is huge and constantly extending. For now there are three the most popular categories of hosting services:
- Purchasing or renting the server for placing domains, databases, special applications, archives, libraries. Such service implies the sole administration by one client. This is the most expensive, but maximally quality and powerful type of hosting that implies using the entire server by one client. The client gets full access to software resources, has ability to change any system configurations, perform technical maintenance, modifications and debugging. The biggest data centers lease out such dedicated physical servers to clients who work with huge data arrays, use resource-sensitive software or simply want to get maximally safe and reliable hosting.
- Renting a dedicated virtual VDS/VPS server. This service is an excellent alternative to renting physical servers for hosting purposes. The virtualization technology implies dividing the system resources of one hardware unit to a few segments. Each such segment is an emulation of a real server that operates independently from the rest. Renting such segment for hosting websites is a great variant for sites and online projects that require full permissions for administration, but there is no sense in renting physical dedicated server.

The rates are different depending on the available RAM size, CPU resources, free disk space. It is worth mentioning that popular providers with a proven reputation always provide their clients with test hosting period to get familiar with all features for free. This is a common practice for big players on hosting market.
- Simple virtual hosting is a right choice for low-cost online projects and websites with low monthly traffic rate. This service implies hosting a domain and storing website files on the remote web server together with data from other clients. Such hosting costs very cheap, but it has many different limitations and doesn’t work stably.