For stable functioning of a big website, portal, social network, online game or other projects that involve colossal resources have specific requirements for hosting. Using FReeBSD for a dedicated server is the most reasonable solution. A standard hosting, when one physical server is used by many customers, is unacceptable for many reasons. Some of them are:

Weak project performance. A huge number of queries to resources slows it down.

Insufficient security level.

The lack of full access to hardware and software settings. It is impossible to perform fine-tuning of the project using the limited range of tools.

Small disk space. The amount of disk memory space in standard hosting is strictly limited. For instance, using the website for FullHD video sharing is a problem in this case.

Renting a dedicated server will solve all these problems, but in one condition: a correct choice of OS responsible for your project functioning is highly important.

FreeBSD is a freeware Unix-based operating system with open source code. It was initially developed for working on servers. A high percentage of machines working under this OS proves numerous advantages of FreeBSD.

Free license.

As any other Unix-systems, FreeBSD is freeware. This is a huge cost saving. Considering Windows, even the installation of additional components requires payment.

High-quality support.

About a quarter of servers work under FreeBSD. As a result, there is a highly developed community of this OS users. There you can get answers to the most of your questions. Comprehensive documentation allows to perform low-level settings useful for performance, functionality and security.

The time proved stability of work.

According to one research 47 of 50 first permanently working web servers work under FreeBSD. The open source system allows making changes by many programmers. A few thousands of volunteers are working on perfecting this system. Such approach helps to fix even the smallest errors. Smoothly running interaction between the system modules, well-thought work of ports, firewalls, etc. additionally characterizes stability.


Even without special settings of FreeBSD the system security is initially very high. And this is also a consequence of an open source code, when all possible “holes” are fixed by numerous checks, and this is what servers under Windows don’t have. Also there is ability to maximize the machine security by optimizing its settings for specific needs, for example, by editing inetd.conf file responsible for connections.

High performance speed.

It seems that everyone watched “Matrix” movie with incredible special effects, even taking into account that the movie was made 10 years ago. A computer used for making such effects was based on FreeBSD. High performance speed of applications is explained by maximal code optimization, ability to stop all unneeded processes, fine system adjustments and of course, specificity of UNIX itself.

Free additional software.

Tens of thousands of programs that may be required for different needs are always on hand. You only need to have internet connection. FreeBSD will find the required distributive and install it by itself.

However there are some dark spots even on the Sun. Of course, FreeBSD has some disadvantages that are actually limitations.

Command line instead of GUI.

System settings are made in proper configuration files. Of course, this approach provides the most precise adjustment. But this type of management requires much more time and deeper knowledge of an administrator. Of course, FreeBSD settings are made by high-level professionals. And while the server maintenance implies bigger expenses compared to Windows-based systems, these expenses are more exclusions due to high fault-tolerance of the system.

Limitations from the side of Microsoft.

ASP, ASP.NET are technologies developed by this corporation. They can be used for providing website functionality. Initially they were not compatible with Unix-based systems. But later independent companies began to develop ASP means that can work in non-Windows environments. However, the approach of using ASP in UNIX-systems is not recommended. That is why you should consider these details when installing FreeBSD.

This is a server system with uncompromising stability. A huge range of usage, ability to maintain the most complex projects. Adjustments that allow optimizing processes that consume maximum of resources. A portal, a website, a e-commerce site – your project is in good hands on the dedicated FreeBSD server.