Technical equipment used for data centers operation plays an important role in reliability and stability of hosting provider services. We reckon that it needs to be represented by the best models from today’s market assortment. Only following this principle and rules of operation it is possible to provide high-quality services for dedicated server, VPS/VDS or domain hosting on continuous basis.

Realhosters Company, one of the leaders in Russian IT sphere today, pays much attention to the quality of its own hardware, as well as to hardware installed in partnering data centers. We do our best to provide the full range of services to our clients, using only the best modern equipment.

Regarding our network and equipment used for its building, our dear customers can be sure in high reliability level of both. We purchase our equipment from the world’s best brands with proven reputation that keep on the leading market positions for years. Servers and networks that are built on this equipment have big operating resource, superior cooling systems and all possible protection against voltage drops and other force majeure.

Realhosters experts have deeply researched all possible unforeseen and critical situations for company services providing. Today this gives us right to affirm that our customers will receive their paid services round-the-clock, regardless of problems that theoretically may arise on our side. Additionally to the fact that the probability of breakdown for our equipment tends to zero, we have a 24/7 support team of professionals who are able to prevent or fix the appeared problem in the shortest possible time.

Regarding data centers that host dedicated and VPS/VDS servers on their equipment, we collaborate only with the best providers worldwide. Realhosters attentively examines the technological infrastructure and operating conditions of each data center, contracting only with those that pay most attention to security, reliability and stability of equipment.

Data centers situated in the USA, Germany, France and other countries locate their production facilities in specialized, dedicated buildings that are equipped by efficient cooling systems. All equipment operates under round-the-clock control that prevents servers from going offline. Only limited number of personnel with the proven qualification has access to server rooms. Data centers are secured not only from the inside, but from the outside too. They are equipped by advanced video control systems. Safe custody surrounds buildings around the perimeter.

Regardless of what Realhosters service you exactly want to purchase, you can be sure in its stability and reliability, because our equipment and data centers of our partners are based on this principle.