Website launch is as important stage in opening your own business as the development of corporate style, printing business cards and renting a comfortable office. Domain name registration is required for this, and it needs to look good, be easy to remember and form direct association with the company.

It is an important part of a company’s image that continues forms its corporate style in the Internet, one of the most important environments today. Any printed products without specifying a website looks incomplete, and a potential client more and more likely to find the information he heeds in search engines than in any other sources.

How to buy a good domain name?

Before buying a domain name, it is highly recommended to think in what domain zone you want it to be. And you need to think up an interesting and recognizable name. You should avoid mistakes and mistypes in the name, and make sure that it doesn’t mean anything bad on the popular languages. Many big companies have faced this problem in their products names, but you can use their experience for your success.

The price of domain registration in popular zones is comparatively small. Newer topical variants as ‘travel’, ‘mobi’, ‘pro’ will cost more, but it will be easier to find free short name in these zones.

The unlimited domain name registration cause the appearance of сybersquatting in the majority of zones. It implies registering attractive domain names not for further use as intended. Most often people use this to resell the attractive domain names at a higher price. It often causes scandals, if cybersquatters guess the name required by a big company. In this case the cost of this domain name can grow to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

However the development of alternative domain zones in the internet decreases the number of people who want to buy an occupied domain name. There is one more problem in opening a website – the existence of similar names. The number of registered domain names in com zone is measured in millions, and there are a lot of names almost identical by spelling and sounding.

A user who mistyped can get not only to a wrong resource. He can get to your competitors. That is why, before you buy a domain you need to spend little time and prepare well to the choice of your future domain name.

Choosing a domain you do not need to focus only on the price. Actually, you need to pay the least of attention to it: it highly depends on instable factors such as latest solutions and fashion trends.

For example, a fashion on the purchase of unusual domains has started in 2010, when the most popular resources like hosting providers, brands, file sharing services, social networks, encyclopedias and big forum communities stay in the same, old zones without any loss of popularity. Absolutely, it influences on the status of these websites, users tend to trust classic domains more on the subconscious level.

The price of domain registration in different zones may significantly vary. For instance, a solid ‘com’ domain that is the most popular and recognizable, according to the most of experts, will cost twice or even more expensive than the same domain in a new, topical zone. The ‘ru’ domain price has fallen so that such domain is given with a hosting service package as a free gift.

From the other hand, for increasing the traffic ranking you can buy a domain that will supplement the site name. The name created this way is easier to remember, and therefore a potential client is more likely to remember it.

How much is a domain?

Domain registration is often included to a service package provided in hosting purchase. But a domain name of such kind is often registered on the hosting company owner’s name. If you stop paying for the hosting, the ‘presented’ domain name will be taken back without any chance to return it.

The domain name price highly depends on a few factors: zone, additional services, prepaid period, etc. The most popular ones cost more. You need to take into account local legislation terms for purchasing foreign domain names. It may also influence on the result.

The domain price is always calculated for the year of use. This is a standard period for all national, including ‘ru’ and ‘рф’, commercial and common zones. Some domain names can be purchased for a longer period, but it rarely gives good discount on price. For instance, a popular ‘to’ that is used for many big resources can be prepaid for a century, but the final price will consist of a yearly price multiplied by ten.

Choosing where to buy a domain you should learn the prolongation terms. Most often the prolongation of the domain costs the same as its registration. The exception is different campaigns and specials, when the first year is slightly cheaper.