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Buy dedicated server for professional website hosting

New online projects often have too high requirements to local resources that can have negative influence on corporate email service, authoring systems or databases functioning. Dedicated server hosting helps to solve this problem without sacrificing the project performance or acquiring additional equipment. This solution has much more beneficial price than purchasing new equipment.

What is a dedicated server?

Many companies offer different variants for hosting websites and databases on third-party resources, actively promoting their advantages. This often misleads consumers who have recently begun using modern IT-resources in business and are not familiar with such terms.

In actual fact there is nothing difficult, the vast majority of such services are either virtual hosting or dedicated servers.

Both variants have their own advantages that display in completely opposite circumstances. Virtual hosting is enough for small projects that do not require powerful hardware. Due to inexpensive price it is highly attractive for small companies. A dedicated server costs more, providing bigger processing power as well. And it is still much cheaper than purchasing and setting up your own hardware.

The dedicated server service implies renting remote equipment that can be located anywhere on the planet, if territorial allegiance matters. A renter is provided with maximal control and privileged access that means that no one else can use the machine for his own purposes. If it is necessary, a render can also order the maintenance support of the dedicated server by provider’s administrators.

When it is reasonable to buy a dedicated server hosting?

This service is reasonable in many cases:
- for the projects intended for heavy traffic;
- for multiuser online games;
- for server software of different kinds;
- for a big number of small site that belong to one owner.

In such cases a dedicated server is nearly the best solution that provides the massiveness of the gaming process on one side and significantly extending access on the other. Transferring the resource-consuming computational processes on the separate equipment allows significant decreasing the time of response, increasing the uptime and providing high fault tolerance. In case of having rather powerful remote machine the chances for delays and mistakes are close to zero, and this gives ability to increase the popularity of the resource.

A dedicated server is useful in arranging the company infrastructure not only when there is no ability to buy hardware. It also helps to improve the data security. A storage of the most important information arranged this way makes hackers unable to get direct access to it. Even if the office network infrastructure is hacked and an intruder has got root permissions, the information on a remote machine stays inaccessible.

Most often a dedicated server is used as a hosting for a website, and doesn’t involve the company’s informational infrastructure. This way it helps to provide faultless online resource functioning. Any breakages or changes in company’s own equipment don’t affect it. It will significantly increase the effectiveness of company’s own resources.