Today it is hard to imagine a successful company or a popular community without succinct and namable internet site. However, it is not enough to create and fill in the page in order to attract visitors. You also need to choose a domain name correctly, as the web-page functioning is impossible without it. All resources of the World Wide Web have their own addresses, and the easier it is to remember, the more people will enter it into the location bar when such need occurs. Besides that attractive and handy site name looks much better on the leaflets and banners, business cards and other types of visual advertising.

As the internet has become the same platform for advertisements and commerce as city streets, there are a lot of articles, instructions and book chapters dedicated to a choice of domain names. However, it is worth mentioning that there is nothing extra complicated here: it’s enough to evaluate adequately a few things and use your fantasy. The rest depends on the following criteria.

What criteria should be used for choosing a domain name?

The main thing in the site name is its size. Curiously enough, but long domain names, even if they contain useful information, will influence on the popularity of internet-resource badly. Moreover, a perfectly designed and smoothed website on powerful engine and with high-quality content have a big chance to become less popular than a webpage crafted literally in haste that has short and attractive address.

If the company name consists of a few words, you may want to make a domain name of the abbreviation. However, this is also not the best solution in cases when abbreviation is not a part of your brand or it doesn’t cause any associations with the company. A set of letters, especially, if they “do not sound” together, will be hard to remember. However, if the abbreviation sounds well, it is reasonable to use it not only for the address in the internet, but also in general branding.

There is one more popular mistake in choosing a domain name: using numbers and letters. Such combinations are much harder to remember, and therefore, they will not increase the popularity of the website. However, it is worth mentioning that in some cases numbers are rather useful. As a rule these are widespread and well-recognizable combinations. For instance, it will be very suitable to use “911” numbers in the name of a website for medical service or security agency. There is one condition: it should naturally fit the rest of the name.

A domain name must be unique. The less it is similar to the rest, the easier it will be to recognize it among the rest of information. And the chance of its availability is higher. Besides there is сybersquatting. Cybersquatters buy domain addresses that are in sync with famous brand names or simply sound good in order to resell them at higher prices. Naturally the more unique domain is chosen, the lower is a chance to face such problems.

The meaning of a good domain name is always positive.

Without any doubts there is a number of web resources with rather creepy names, but such solution fully corresponds to the specific character of these projects. It is not recommended to use them for commercial purposes. Even a website of a funeral service is better to have some positive or at least neutral domain.

How to formulate a domain name correctly?

Well, the aforementioned information is checked, thought over and acknowledged. It’s time to pick up a perfect domain name that will definitely attract millions of visitors. You should pay attention to some unnoticeable but extremely important things. They will simplify the process of picking the domain and will help to avoid mistakes. First of all, you need to define the target audience of the website and rely on it. If it is planned to cover the audience in specific country or region, you need to use local languages and domain. Otherwise pay attention to international domains and use English word as a name. This is the most popular language in the world, so it will be recognizable in the majority of countries. At the same time don’t misuse it, if you do not plan to go to the international market in the near future. Native languages are much easier to remember, and therefore there will be more visitors. Secondly, you should not use Cyrillic alphabet. Even if you want this very much, and no one will see it beyond CIS countries. In spite of the popularity of such services today, Cyrillic alphabet is poorly associated with internet addresses among uses. That is why people don’t perceive it properly. Moreover, some programs and devices still cannot work with such coding. However, if you want, you can use it for a mirror website.

Thirdly, it is better to avoid transliteration of complex and many-valued combinations of letters. For instance, if the company is named “Женьшень Тянь-Шаня”, it’s not reasonable to name the site like “”. Obviously, it is not only hard to remember such address, it is hard even to read it. It would be better to find some more succinct alternative.

Useful tips

The information listed above is more than enough to choose the domain name that will be really useful for your business. But some things help to make this job more efficient. They do not require a lot of time, expenses or big efforts, so do not ignore them.

A suitable domain zone instead of .com will be much more useful. At first, it can be used as a part of the name that will extend the choice capabilities. Secondly such domain will cost less in most of cases.

You don\’t have to duplicate the company name into a domain name. Exercise your ingenuity, as in some cases it is much more useful. For the same company, “Женьшень Тянь-Шаня” you can pick up something like “”, that looks much better and is easier to remember.

And the last thing: don't leave consonant domain name in other zones available. They can be occupied by competitors that can spoil the reputation of your company. Besides, the more references to the company is in the internet, the quicker the site will find its millionth visitor.