Choosing where to locate the website you need to take into account all minor details of offers from hosters. In future they can seriously affect your work process. In particular the choice of hosting geographic location, in Russia or abroad, is an important factor to consider. Both variants have their own pros and cons that must be properly analyzed to choose the best provider.

Currently more and more Russian companies prefer foreign hosting services for locating their sites. It can be motivated by important advantages or a simple fashion trend. In the most of cases the services of foreign providers are preferred due to a few common myths. For instance, it is a myth about low rates of hosting in the USA and Europe.

In practice website hosting in Russia and, for example, in Germany will cost you nearly the same. Depending on additional services, rates from European providers can be even lower compared to Russian. It is much more important to assess the hardware guaranteed by foreign companies. In average, foreign providers have much better equipment due to better financial capabilities.

Moreover, the best foreign hosting services have much longer working experience than Russian ones. This gave them ability to fine-tune all technical procedures and form stable team of more qualified employees.

The reverse of the coin is the lack of proper Russian-language support on the majority of foreign hosting services. Even if it is specified in the service package, it would be rather hard to get comprehensive information without good English level. Many hosting services located abroad do not provide such option at all. If you know the language, it will be comfortable for you to work with them and use all the advantages of modern hardware.

One more important reason that makes people buy hosting in Russia, not in the Netherlands or England is available payment methods. Taking into account the rapid development of Russian providers, the payment method is often the decisive factor in choosing a provider. Ability to pay by electronic currencies, express payments or cash, not only via PayPal and Visa, is much more important for many customers than the extended subscription capabilities. However, the best Russian hosting services adopt the practice of payments by credit cards, as well as using safe and fast-speed cloud technologies.

To sum up, in case when payment method or language of technical support matters, you should choose Russian hosting for a website. In the rest of cases you should orient you choice at additional services, rates and hardware parameters instead of the geographic location.