Any web resource in the internet has a corresponding physical IP address and its alphabetical alternative – a domain name. Operating a website its owner often has to transfer the website to another domain or hosting. In the first case a new unique name is assigned to a web resource, while in changing the hosting provider all website’s data files are moved to another physical or virtual server.

The situations when domain transfer may be necessary

- Transferring the domain to another hosting may be required if the client is not satisfied with the quality of technical support service or he has found more advantageous hardware location. Geographic location of servers influences on the speedwork and the quality of access to a web resource. That is why a site owner can decided to change the location of his commercial activities, and in this case it will be reasonable to change the hosting provider too.
- Extending and development of a web project may naturally require more computing resources or memory space. The current server used for hosting doesn’t always satisfy these technical requirements in full. This will reflect not only on the development progress, but also can lead to serious failures in resource operation. In such cases it makes sense to change the provider and perform a domain transfer.
- Transferring all system data, databases and file libraries may be required in case the owner wants to move his web resource from the virtual server to physical. Often new projects and promising online services are launched on virtual dedicated VPS or VDS servers. Such technology implies using the separate segment of physical platform resources. Buying some virtual hosting solutions is much more affordable than using complex, expensive equipment. But if the owner wants to get maximal freedom in system and technical administration or significantly increase the work stability of a web project with high traffic ranking (for instance, MMO-games), it will be more beneficial to transfer the website to a separate physical server. Such hosting costs more, but the speedwork and security will be maximally high.

Technical features of data transfer

Any of the aforementioned situations rises a question: should the current domain name stay or it will better to register the new one? If the project has already gained popularity among users, transferring commercially successful website to a new domain can have negative effect on its traffic ranks.

In order to avoid this, you can save the alphabetic address on a new hosting or bind the site “body” to a new domain using DNS system means. It is better to ask for professional assistance to transfer all system data to a new space correctly, as well as to specify the new provider’s server data in address settings. As a result, users who visit the old domain will be automatically follow the new route.

Such service costs not much more than new domain registration. A qualified specialist does this very quickly. As a rule a new hosting provider is responsible for this service.

In order to transfer the website to another domain saving the traffic ranks, you need to hire a SEO-specialist. The need in his services may occur if web resource owners want to register some better name, change the domain zone, combine a few projects and sell the address.