Online business is indissolubly related to e-commerce. Successful trading is impossible without a website, and this requirement makes businessmen to take care about virtual server hosting from companies, that provide hosting services.

A virtual server is a common professional service for deploying the website and other web resources that will be further promoted by their owner. The major advantage of hosting of such servers is the absence of necessity to purchase expensive, complex hardware. You can buy a good, powerful server later, when successful dynamic business development will require more serious equipment.

Obvious advantages of using VDS-server

VDS-server (Virtual Dedicated Server) is an inexpensive but functional solution that has a range of undeniable advantages compared to a dedicated server or virtual hosting in addition to an affordable price.

Virtual server provides a wide range of capabilities to users:
- Constant technical support. The work of all hardware is constantly monitored by company specialists, and all breakages are fixed eventually. If there are any technical questions, you can get assistance at any time of the day.
- Installation of software on a VDS-server doesn’t require any special knowledge. Usually there is a ready list of packages available in control panel.
- All changes required for work can be made by user via a dashboard.
- When renting a VDS-server, a renter gets administrator permissions.
- New domain names and changes in DNS records are made much faster.
- All data added to a server are saved automatically – often a backup copy of entire virtual server is made. In case of a failure or accidental data deletion it can be easily restored.
- VDS hosting servers provide reliable data security with the aim of encoded data transfer protocols. The technology is available for all users renting a server by default. It allows avoiding hacker attacks.

How to choose a virtual server hosting

When choosing a VDS-server for hosting, you need to consider the offered features. If the offered disk capacity will be used as storage for files and backup copies, a subscription plan with minimal traffic will be enough. Launching a website and its further promotion will require bigger volumes of data exchange (traffic). Therefore, the price of such service will be slightly bigger.

The majority of users will find VDS-server hosting a beneficial service. Its price depends on monthly and daily traffic, while you can select the maintenance tariffs by yourself. All hosting providers are aimed to improve the quality of provided services and lower the price for virtual servers rent. This is highly advantageous for website owners, as competition between providers help to lower prices.

The quality of service in server hosting plays an important rule too. You can check it only in action, when start using a server. That is why a lot of providers offer so called “VDS-hosting with a test period”. This is a free promo service, but the existence of such subscription shows a seriousness of a hosting provider.

Operating systems for virtual server

Ordering a VDS-server hosting you can be offered an ability to choose an operating system: Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD and CentOS. Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages for work. You may also need to install a control panel, a special system for management and settings. The choice of such systems is limited by the OS. For instance, if you run CentOS or FreeBSD, the most compatible control panel is ISPManager Lite. Windows doesn’t need such panel at all.