Internet becomes more and more important component of successful dynamic business. Having a dedicated server with properly promoted website allows the enterprise to sell its services and products online, form the reputation of reliable and respectable company in the internet. You should also consider such important aspects as advertisements in the internet and building the company’s image.

Based on the current demand for such services, hosting providers have created a special offer – dedicated server hosting that allows storing information for global access. A dedicated server is a computer located in hosting provider’s data center where any information of the customer is stored. This can be websites, forums, databases, etc. The cost of such service may vary in different companies, but it will be always more expensive than other hosting services: rented disk memory space, virtual servers, etc.

The server machine can be located anywhere, in Russia or even in Europe: for instance, in Germany. Server operating system is selected depending on its functions. Usually it is Microsoft Windows or one of the Linux variations, a freeware open source software product.

Renting even the most inexpensive dedicated server is fully compensated by the advantages it gives to an owner. First of all, it is reliability and work stability. A separate hardware secures from hours of down time due to provider’s maintenance work. A dedicated server allows not depending on the actions of other hosting provider’s clients. Moreover, there are no problems in the work of servers due to the system instability caused by the third parties.

One of the reasons why users close the website is a big delay when loading pages or data. The advantage of a dedicated server is a good “ping” and the absence of such kind of problems. Correct server setup allows increasing the interest and trust to a resource that logically raises sales.

Dedicated server rent has one single disadvantage. It requires qualified personnel in the company stuff, who will provide professional server maintenance. These personnel must secure data from hacking and unauthorized access, fulfill all software and hardware advantages of a dedicated server and develop the project dynamically.