Beautiful and sounding domain name is as important part of the corporate image, as the logo: more likely the modern business card would not have a local phone number than the website URL. That is why many people prefer to register a domain in specific zone, for instance, in high-status com zone. It is one of the oldest and the most popular among the second-level domains. It is traditionally used for commercial enterprises.

The current cost of available com domain is about ten dollars. Short, meaningful and good-sounding domain names can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars on the second market. This trend first time appeared at the time of “dot-com boom”, when it became popular to create websites for companies. According to the experts, there are more than a hundred million of names that makes it nearly the biggest zone in the world.

Traditionally com domain registration was used for business structures, and the zone name itself was made from “commercial”. However, soon it became available for private pages and resources oriented at earning profits.

Nowadays com zone is considered as a kind of a standard. That is why registration in it is an important, yet tricky task. The majority of users unconsciously associates this extension with serious enterprises and trust to ‘.com’ websites much better.

The experience shows that buying com domain is a very profitable investment. Choosing between the names registered in this and any other zones, almost three quarters of users choose com.

In spite of an exceptional popularity, it is not difficult or expensive to register a com domain. The major problem is that the vast majority of different alphabetic and numeric combinations have been already registered by companies, private individuals and cybersquatters. It is almost impossible to find and register an available short and nice looking address in com zone. Even all meaningless short combinations of characters are already unavailable. That is why people have to invent some very original domain names or use long addresses or add dashes between the words.

Anyone can buy a com domain: the terms of registration in this case are nearly the most democratic. A registered resource must correspond to the US information legislation: it most not send spam or viruses, not contain the forbid information, not break the copyright law and not produce phishing. The site activity can be suspended only due to the payment delay for more than two weeks.