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We offer the full range of services required for efficient startup of your resource in the Internet.

Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Favorable terms

Affordable prices, round-the-clock support and resolving all issues by qualified professionals.

Dedicated servers
CPU Intel, AMD RAM up to 32 GB DDR3 Disk HDD and SSD up to 4 TB Network up to 1 Gbps Bandwidth unlimited
And more starting from
38.00 $/month
VPS Servers
CPU up to 8 Core RAM up to 8 GB Disk HDD and SSD up to 160 GB Network up to 1 Gbps Bandwidth Differs per plan
And more starting from
8.00 $/month
WEB Hosting
Domains Differs per plan Disk HDD and SSD up to 50 GB Bandwidth Unlimited Email Accounts Differs per plan MySQL DB Differs per plan Any CMS in 1 click
And more starting from
0.99 $/month
Zone com, org, net, ru, pro and more! Free
DNS Management
Mail Realy
WHOIS protect
And more starting from
5.99 $/year
Security update
Dear Customers! For security reasons we have added 2 factor authorization. You can enable it in the Client Area
Dear Customers! We have added a new payement gateway - Yandex.Money
Big Sale
Dear customers! We glad to inform you, that we have started a big sale for server family Intel Core i7-6700K Quad-Core 4,2 GHz. All offers you can find in our Special offers

Modern technologies allow developing the business successfully both in virtual world and outside the Internet. It would be impossible without services of reliable professional hosting. Each website owner wishes to locate his resource on secured and perfectly functioning hosting area.

Clients of our company get all these advantages in one package. Others get the same by trial and error way. It makes no sense to discuss the beneficial concourse of circumstances of the first and bad luck of the second category. It is better to work with professionals and follow recommendations of the specialists at once, and success will not slow to arrive.

What hosting can be called a high-quality one?

Intentions to save money are fully understandable and reasonable for any company executive. Particularly, saving money on something that cannot be seen, touched or immediately transferred to a result. But providing high-quality hosting costs money – paid provider’s services are compensated by an excellent support and wide range of available services.

However there are a lot of free hosting services that allow sharing the website online with zero expenses. But their owners do not bear any responsibility in case of problems. They tend to deprive their clients of rights, both judicial and administrative.

Professional hosting service costs money, this is an axiom.

How to choose a reliable provider?

One of the most important hosting features that define website’s quality of work is high connection speed between hosting area and the global network. The second most important factor is high server speedwork. The third most important feature is the capacity of the hard drive. It must be enough to host the website, taking into account its further development.

A scrupulous hosting provider guarantees timely support to all its clients. If there are any technical problems, you will receive proper assistance at any time of the day.

Ability to choose between a few locations of a data center is also an advantage. Often it is safer and more comfortable to store the website in some specific country.

There must be no limitations by traffic. Any limitation here means that in future you will have to pay additional money for each additional visitor after exceeding this limit.

A very important factor for choosing a hoster is a reliable security system and uninterruptible power supply. Of course, all required services must be provided by a hoster for free – under the chosen subscription plan.

Depending on the companies’ purposes they choose different kinds of services, including:
- Virtual hosting on Linux or Windows platforms;
- VPS and clustered web hosting;
- renting a separate dedicated server;
- collocation (a complex of services for allocating client’s servers in provider’s IT cabinet). This service allows not overpaying for hardware rent.

An important part of a good hosting service is providing a control panel. This tool gives ability to:
- administer domains;
- install the software and website management packs;
- setup error pages;
- fully process mails.

All these features alongside with modern hardware of the provider form the “excellent hosting” term. Our company is able to provide you faultless quality of servers work and the highest possible service level that has become an absolute standard for starting any web-projects.

Why support for PHP / MySQL is required

In order to attract the biggest possible audience a website must feature professional design and have specific range of qualities and characteristics. The resources with static pages are irrevocably outdated. Limited HTML functionality is not able to satisfy the growing user demands.

MySQL hosting provides a huge variety of advantages: it allows performing complex operations with information, structure it properly, fully interact with databases. The specific character of MySQL provides excellent resource quality, supports key and ambient transactions mechanisms. It is used for security, while the InnoDB format allows saving all sensitive data reliably.

A hosting with full PHP programming language support is recognized as the most popular type today. It is used in creating e-commerce sites, blogs, forums and other popular types of websites. A low price of this service is combined with an excellent quality. Using our hosting services with PHP support you can reckon on full security of all your data and zero complications or problems with resources functioning. This gives ability to use all advantages provided by virtual or dedicated hosting in full.